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Special Thanks

Thank You!

Special thanks goes out to the volunteers who have put this web site together. Stacy Thomas, Pam Wells, Millie Miles, and Ben Kallam have spent endless hours helping us keep up to date and organize these volumes of information.

Special thanks goes out to Bruce and Ida Dunbar, Richard Riley, and Gary Ard for their contributions for the last five years to our general fund. Their contributions have paid for Bibles, projects supporting the arts, school supplies, teachers’ desks and awards and general expenses that enable us to function.

Special thanks goes out to Mt. Brook Community Church for their contributions for the last five years. Their contributions have gone to funding needed to keep open the doors of Warrior Academy. This school accepts students of both races who want something more from their education.

A special thanks to Bew White and his Company Summer Classics for their contributions of beautiful tables that were then given to the Hubbertville High School library and to the Berry High School library (both in Fayette County). In July we will be giving some additional tables to Judson College in Marion. The gifts have already been a great sense of pride for these schools because of their sheer beauty.

A special thanks to Don Hire and Barry Saunders and their Company Armstrong Transport for the school furniture they have provided to schools in the Black Belt area. Schools in Sumter County, Lamar County, Pickens County, Fayette County, and Greene County have profited greatly.

Special thanks goes out to Cassie Clayton of Alabama Power Co., Jim Tucker of Med Mission, Bob Lindsey of Lindsey Office Furniture, Sonny Culp of Graham and Company, Tom Lambert, Jimmy Mulvaney, Jeb Smith, Gary Cooney, and Edgar Marx for their continued support through the years.

Special thanks to Gifts of Love participant schools, which assists schoolchildren who want to give a Christmas gift of love to a schoolchild in the Black Belt. Since its inception in 2006, the program has delivered over 2,000 gifts to schoolchildren at North Sumter Junior High in Panola, Akron Elementary, John Essex Elementary in Demopolis, and Sunshine Elementary in Hale County. These particpant schools include Southminster Presbyterian School, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, and Pizitz Middle School.

St. Vincent’s Hospital’s donated computers, furniture, and media equipment–estimated at $200,000–to Marengo, Pickens, and Washington Counties.

Vestavia Hills Board of Education recognized a need by donating classroom desks to Berry High in Fayette County, and for two years donated school supplies to Hale County.