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Our Story

The Story of Friends of Hale County

 Over the course of 2002, The Birmingham News reported on the lives of our neighbors living in Alabama’s Black Belt. These reports, confirmed by our own travels, depicted a region of scarce material resources, a region struggling to educate its children and desperately (and in many cases passionately) struggling against hopelessness.

Members of Mountain Brook Community Church, a church expressly devoted to demonstrating God’s love, recognized this as an opportunity to join as partners with our “neighbors” to address these needs.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, The Friends of Hale County Foundation (a non-profit organization) was soon formed to direct these efforts in order to meet the great needs of our neighbors in Alabama’s Black Belt. At first the efforts of FOHC was geared toward helping the residents of Hale County to reach the status suggested by it’s name, “retaining exceptional health and vigor.”

Because a county’s health is not limited to its residents’ physical well being, FOHC decided to undertake projects that spanned the spectrum of a county’s existence. Accordingly, in the loving and gentle spirit of friendship, FOHC strives to facilitate educational opportunities for all residents in the Black Belt, to partner with them to develop conditions conducive to commerce and to promote their physical well being through improved housing, increased access to medical care and promoting recreational activities.

In all of these efforts, The Friends of Hale County Foundation maintains its primary goal, which is to demonstrate Jesus Christ’s commandment to love your neighbor and thereby glorify God.