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Join Us

Projects you or your group can participate in, are:

1.  Donations (tax deductible) and volunteers are needed for the following:

  • Basic needs of the poor in the Black Belt Region of our state ~ electricity, running water, mobile homes, etc.
  • Educational Needs ~ school supplies, teachers’ desks, folding tables, reading tables and reading rugs, science equipment, the costs for plumbers to fix the hot water for the showers, musical instruments, PE equipment, team uniforms, etc.
  • Repair and winterization of homes so they are warm, safe, and dry next winter

2.  Volunteers to:

  • Adopt a school. You would meet with the Principal and the teachers at a struggling school, then find their needs and attempt to supply them with solutions.
  • Raise money to rebuild the churches in Panola and Boligee, Alabama destroyed by arson. This is a great opportunity to serve God’s poor and glorify Him, and to experience the joy and excitement of being a part of this effort.
  • Plant gardens of flowers to beautify elementary schools.
  • Start both Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs in the eight county area.

3.  Churches/Sunday School classes to Partner in Prayer with Rural Churches: These churches are located in Hale, Sumter and Lamar counties. The volunteers would call a member of the partnered church and swap prayer lists twice a month. The goal is for members of the partnered churches to worship together one or more times.

4.  Donors for Tuition Scholarships: The scholarships are for 24 students from poorer families- both Black and White- attending Warrior Christian Academy in Eutaw, Alabama ~ total needed $25,000.

Mailing Address for Correspondence & Tax Deductible Donations:

Law Lamar, Founder & CEO
700 27th Place South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Telephone: (205) 251-1113
Fax: (205) 251-4627

The Friends of Hale County Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non profit group set up in February of 2003 in order to promote the well being of residents in counties of the Black Belt area through improved housing, increased access to medical care, solving needs of the school systems and promoting recreational activities. All of this to be done in the spirit of the Christian ideal Love Your Neighbor.