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Project 591

June & July 2008. We ordered from Ebsco Industries 11 magazines for each of the following schools: John Essex High, Marrengo High, and Sweet Water High in Marengo County, Warrior Academy in Greene County, Akron Elementary, Akron High, Sunshine High, Greensboro East, and Greensboro West in Hale County, Hubbertville High in Fayette County, Berry Elementary and Berry High, and North Sumter Middle School Value of gift...

Project 552

We purchased AR books for the Campus School at The University of West Alabama. This is an after school day-care center. These books will be used to further help the children to read Kimberly Smith was important in facilatating this project.

Project 530

Funk and Wagnall’s Encyclopedias for 1987-1997 were sent to Sumter County High in York Alabama.

Project 519

151 students and teachers from Hale, Sumter, Fayette, and Lamar counties were brought to Birmingham to see the Botanical Gardens and attend the Phantom of the Opera performance. They were also treated to a special surprise–a tour of Mt. Brook in a limousine. It was a fabulous experience. note: An article was written in the N.Y. Times about this project.

Project 522

We paid for the Tuscaloosa News papers for John Essex High School.

Project 515

Books have been sent to: Kinterbish Elementary——–145 books including AR books for the second grade.