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Project 563

Bew White of Summer Classics furniture gave 15 sets of tables and chairs to people in Greene, Pickens, and Lamar counties. Some of these beautiful sets were sold in the various counties. In Greene County the money was used to pay utility bills at the dual race private school we support. In Pickens County the funds helped pay for the Opera to come to town. In Lamar County the funds paid for aLED sign that is now the pride of...

Project 556

We purchased a handicap school desk for a student with special needs in Pickens County. Reynolds Whatley and Carla Eltz were responsible for accomplishing this project. Bought and delivered 50 student desks to Aliceville Middle School and 60 student desks to Gordo Elementary School

Project 546

We provided the following for Pickens County High School: 9 beautiful Teachers’ desks*** 1 huge 4 drawer credenza 1 huge 6 drawer credenza 2 upright filing drawers Secretary’s desk 5 White Boards—-Mrs. Owens got first choice We provided the following for Aliceville Middle School: 3 stacked chairs with floral design 6 “stage” chairs (see above) 4 beautiful Teachers’ desks, split between PCHS...

Project 536

Books have been sent to: Pickens County High School including: A set of Science World Book Encyclopedias, A 10 Volume Book set of Young Scientists, and A 2006 set of World Book Encyclopedias and a 2007 CD Aliceville Middle School including: 14 Arthur and D.W. books 23 Nancy Drew books Gordo Elementary——–156 books including Caldecott Classic Children’s books

Project 531

Frank Pritchard, Reynolds Whatley, and another member of our ministry visited four schools in Pickens County to determine weaknesses in their school supplies. Like other counties their supply of suitable school desks was unacceptable. There is a need for approximately 32 teachers desks and 220 student desks.

Project 521

Two reading rugs each were bought and delivered to Gordo Elementary and Aliceville Elementary schools.