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Project 606

A set of Harvard Classics were given to Gordo High School. This is a collection of 85? books by well known writers of the Western World. They are a great addition to any library.

Project 602

Aliceville Middle School received 460 books from our Georgia book purchaser, Lenell Dufour.

Project 603

Alabama Power donated tons of carpet to 13 schools in the Black Belt area. Aliceville High, Gordo Elementary, Gordo High all in Pickens County; Linden Middle School in Marengo County; Livingston High library, the library at Sumter County High, the Campus School at the University of West Alabama and the University of West Alabama, in Sumter County; South Lamar High in Lamar County; Berry Elementary and Berry High in Fayette...

Project 586

Bought 70 student desks to fill a desperate need at Gordo High. Tom Lambert was the primary donor for this project. Value of gift $10,000.

Project 585

Ed Powell and his son, Adam, delivered a IBM Risc 6000 computer and cabinet with uninterrupted power source, stair climber type exercise machine, bookcases, roll around file, eraser board, and some 3 ring binders to Gordo High School. These items were a donation from Ed Powell.

Project 577

Bought and delivered 50 student desks to Aliceville Middle School and 60 student desks to Gordo Elementary School.