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Project 629

There is no doubt that taking 70 young people and adults to the Broadway Play “Wicked” was the top event for the month of April. 40 kids and adults from Pickens County, Marion County, and Fayette County that participated in the drama High School Musical in January were treated to a trip to Birmingham. The play was held in Gordo in Pickens County and it seemed fitting that they should be selected to go see...

Project 630

We had heard from several schools of a need for overhead projectors. In March we obtained through Charles Thompson and Greystone Elementary’s principal Dr. Black 28 projectors. We then delivered them to Gordo Elementary (6), Berry High (6), Reform Elementary (4), Aliceville High (6), and Walker Elementary (6). We also donated four TVs to Reform Elementary School.

Project 625

Unfortunately Carraway Hospital failed and had to liquidate their assets. Fortunately for us we were able to receive six truckloads of furniture. Two truckloads went to Livingston High. One truck load was given to the Pickens County Seniors Center and Gordo High School. One more truckload was sent to Berry Elementary and Berry High School. Two other truckloads went to the Lovelady Center in B’ham. The value of the...

Project 617

Pickens County Seniors Center was given 4 tables, 9 chairs with rollers, 4 still chairs, and some storage shelving.

Project 612

In November we sent to Gordo High School the Harvard Classics. The librarian wrote this back to us “the atmosphere in our library is really turning around (for the better). My goal is to send you pictures very soon of the kids enjoying the furniture. I have students that come in during the early morning for some quiet time to read, and they especially enjoy the comfortable furniture.”

Project 611

Bulletin Bars were sent to the Aliceville High School as a Merry Christmas from Classroom Direct. Minnie Washington, the principal has 29 teachers who can use these. We sent about 18 to each teacher, which amounted to 15 cases. When I visited that school it was obvious that this was a need in that they were taping the students’ work to the wall. When the work was removed so did the paint. We also set 85 stacking chairs,...