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Project 550

We made it possible for a group of children to have a Christmas party in Eutaw.

Project 522

We paid for the Tuscaloosa News papers for John Essex High School.

Project 516

Books have been sent to Sweet Water Elementary——–54 books including Nancy Drew, Shakespeare, and some of the Classics.

Project 517

Books have been sent to: Warrior Academy – 2 books including Robinson Crusoe and the Three Musketeers.

Project 503

John Essex High School received $5,000 for playground equipment that we solicited from Bobby Singleton.

Project 490

EBSCO Industries was very helpful in obtaining a gift of magazines to the following schools: Hale County Akron Elementary Akron High School Greensboro East Elementary Greensboro West Elementary Sunshine High School k-12 Fayette County Fayette Elementary k-6 Marengo County Marengo High Sweet Water High k-12 John Essex High k-12 A.L. Johnson k-12 Sumter County North Sumter Middle School k-8 Greene County Eutaw Elem....