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Project 624

Ken Pritchett, a good friend of mine, took a day of his time and went to Warrior Academy in Greene County. He restored 17 computers to working order for the small school. Now they have 22 computers. This is a private school open to both races. It continues to be a success story in an area where you would think racial hatred wouldn’t allow for this level of unity.

Project 621

Reliable Signs of Pelham and Friends of Hale County combined to furnish new school signs for three schools: Sumter County, York Elementary, and John Essex High School. The signs are 5 x 8 and rest on a 20 foot pole, ten feet above the ground. This gift is one of the best given in terms of improving school morale. One child wrote a thank you note that said, “We will be proud of our sign and feel good.” This is what...

Project 607

Warrior Academy was given much needed carpet to complete an earlier gift from Alabama Power. Now they will be able to carpet their entire library. Donations to make this possible were given by Ruth Mears, Mike Estes, and Leah Crockett.

Project 605

Rainer and Andrew Bradley and Janet Lamar and Theresa Lord bought school supplies for Linden Elementary and Hubbertville School. The supplies included copy paper, trash bags, pencil sharpeners, heaters, staplers, crayons and more.

Project 603

Alabama Power donated tons of carpet to 13 schools in the Black Belt area. Aliceville High, Gordo Elementary, Gordo High all in Pickens County; Linden Middle School in Marengo County; Livingston High library, the library at Sumter County High, the Campus School at the University of West Alabama and the University of West Alabama, in Sumter County; South Lamar High in Lamar County; Berry Elementary and Berry High in Fayette...

Project 594

Warrior Academy was given much needed tile for the Principal’s office and their workroom. Donations to make this possible were given by Ruth Mears, Dave Grabhorn, and Leah Crockett.