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Project 596

Newspaper subscriptions were paid for for the year and sent to Hubbertville High, Berry Elementary, and Berry High all of Fayette County and Sulligent Elementary in Lamar County.

Project 578

Lenell Dufour bought about 500 books for Sulligent Elementary School.

Project 579

Teachers at South Lamar desperately needed dry erase boards for their classrooms. We received a donation from Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia that answered their requests. A. Colvin, M. Matthews Rhonda Beasley, Vickie Daffron, M.K. Bozeman, A. Dotson, M. Freeman, A. Wriley, K. Williams, and Kristy Ables received the boards on July 30. Alex Briggs made this happen. Value of gift $14,000.

Project 590

Friends of Pickens County and Helping Hands of Lamar County have sold substanial amounts of furniture donated in May and will be using those funds to pay for needs of the elderly and school system needs.

Project 567

We brought Samford students under the direction of Bill Bugg to Lamar and Pickens counties to perform three opera performances in each county. There were approximately 480 students in Lamar County and another 40 students from nearby Fayette County that attended the performances. That evening 125 adults attended the evening performance, this, the first opera event ever in the county. There were approximately 260 students in...

Project 566

Purchased Special-Ed T-shirts for The Special Olympics.