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Project 626

On the other hand we gave summer classic tables and chairs to the Lamar Historical Society. Barbara Carruth has thanked us at least three times, because of the beauty impact it has made to her room.

Project 616

We gave to Jenny Spence, the librarian of Sulligent Elementary, a donation of $500.”This is a humongous help in purchasing our new server. This will update Sulligent Elementary’s library so much. The circulation system will be 0n-line for the students and teachers to use more easily. Thank you so much.”

Project 615

Summer Classics tables were distributed to South Lamar School, Lamar County Middle School, the historical Society of Lamar County, and Nemo Methodist Church.

Project 609

We sponsored Christmas parties and gave Christmas presents for all k-6th grade handicap kids in Fayette, Lamar, and Pickens Counties. The cost was worth it!! All the reports back from the “elves” were very heart warming. Thanks to the “elves” Heather Tucker, the “Three Amigos” and Keela in Lamar County, Laurie Cummings, Mike Driver, Sheila, and Chris in Pickens County, Jon Thomas, Mary...

Project 608

We have bought tables and chairs for students in the last needy classroom at Vernon Elementary. Value about $2,500 These were paid for with donations from Ken Upton. This makes 14 classrooms of school desks that we have furnished to this school.

Project 597

Nemo Methodist Church members were really appreciative to receive three tables for their Youth Group room.