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Project 545

We provided filing cabinets and a large desk and credenza for Akron Elemantary and High School.

Project 544

Purchased 84 bicycles and many desks for various deserving children in Greensboro.

Project 519

151 students and teachers from Hale, Sumter, Fayette, and Lamar counties were brought to Birmingham to see the Botanical Gardens and attend the Phantom of the Opera performance. They were also treated to a special surprise–a tour of Mt. Brook in a limousine. It was a fabulous experience. note: An article was written in the N.Y. Times about this project.

Project 518

Eye care was provided for eight residents in the Hale County area at Cargus Eyecare Inc.

Project 510

Hale County – Dana Bell and his daughter performed a music concert at Linden High and Greensboro East High. He spoke of the importance of his Christian faith and getting an education. Pickens County – Seniors Center received 18 Recliners. New Day Senior Care received 16 Recliners. Lamar County – Seniors Center received 8 recliners.

Project 509

We donated 6 recliners to Hale County Seniors Center.