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Project 580

June & July 2008. Paid for two cheerleaders from Greensboro High in Hale County to go to cheerleaders clinic at the University of Alabama.

Project 591

June & July 2008. We ordered from Ebsco Industries 11 magazines for each of the following schools: John Essex High, Marrengo High, and Sweet Water High in Marengo County, Warrior Academy in Greene County, Akron Elementary, Akron High, Sunshine High, Greensboro East, and Greensboro West in Hale County, Hubbertville High in Fayette County, Berry Elementary and Berry High, and North Sumter Middle School Value of gift...

Project 582

June & July 2008. Ed Powell and Alex Briggs in separate trips delivered 115 chairs of good quality to Hale County to Anne Bailey. These items were a donation from Armstrong Transfer-Don Hire and Barry Saunders. Value of gift $17,000.

Project 581

June & July 2008. In Hale County Anne Bailey then gave the office chairs to four schools and the Hale Co. Library. She started a food pantry that has given out food to 250 families so far. She has shared kitchen items and appliances, sheets, towels, mattresses, bed frame, washer, money to connect to Alagasco, and clothes for Senior Day to Angela Washington. Angela also received a washing machine with a donation from...

Project 572

Created a food bank in Hale County for needy families late

Project 570

Edgar Marx donated the money needed for eight (8) washing machines in the Greensboro, Hale County area to elderly people who were in great need and on a fixed budget. Anne Bailey, Mary Greene, and Helen Crayton were the leaders in this project throughout May.