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Project 492

The Ronald McDonald House made available the following very gracious gift: John Essex received 3-large filing cabinets, 2-small filing cabinets, 1-baby bed, 1 Vertical File, and 3 PC Printers. Marengo High School received 1 Couch, 4 Tables, 18 Side Chairs, and 1 Washer/Dryer   The Ronald McDonald House made available the following very gracious gift: Kinterbish: 2-Couch, 1-Credenza, 1-Desk-Exec, 1-Refridgerator, 4 (good)...

Project 459

Below are the items teachers at Eutaw Elementary have included in their “needs” list: Approximate cost: $14,500 chairs for Kindergarten classrooms-1 reading table school desks for 1st-5th graders-4 library books-4 hot water landscaping with crepe myrtle, furniture for the teachers’ lounge -1 pretty nice but used teachers’ desks -2 a desktop copier, a 24″TV DVD combo,...

Project 450

Books were bought at a Scholastic Book Company book sale and sent to Trudy and Angi the kindergarten teachers at Linden Elementary, Charlyn Vick at Thomasville High School, Warrior Academy, and Linden High School.

Project 382

Thanks to the special efforts of Saint Green at Valleydale Baptist Church they secured books for the pastors of Dancy Baptist, Galilee Baptist, Morning Star Baptist and Spring Valley Baptist. We worked with Phil Waters, the NA Mission Team Leader at Valleydale Baptist.

Project 361

Our group extended the magazine subscriptions for Sweet Water & Marengo High, Akron Elementary & Akron High School, Greensboro East and Greensboro West, Sunshine High School and North Sumter Middle School. We also added Amy Davis’ library in Fayette County and Warrior Academy in Greene County. These are magazines, such as National Geographic for kids, Discover, Sports Illustrated for kids, etc.

Project 331

The United Service of Christian Brothers & Sisters was held at Zion Valley Baptist in Panola. Congressman Artur Davis attended. The goal of the service was to come together with a one-mindedness before starting the rebuilding and/or assisting for Spring Valley Baptist, Galilee Baptist, Morningstar Baptist and Dancy Baptist Churches. Covenant Church was represented by four young couples who brought Bibles for the youth of...