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Project 603

Alabama Power donated tons of carpet to 13 schools in the Black Belt area. Aliceville High, Gordo Elementary, Gordo High all in Pickens County; Linden Middle School in Marengo County; Livingston High library, the library at Sumter County High, the Campus School at the University of West Alabama and the University of West Alabama, in Sumter County; South Lamar High in Lamar County; Berry Elementary and Berry High in Fayette...

Project 591

June & July 2008. We ordered from Ebsco Industries 11 magazines for each of the following schools: John Essex High, Marrengo High, and Sweet Water High in Marengo County, Warrior Academy in Greene County, Akron Elementary, Akron High, Sunshine High, Greensboro East, and Greensboro West in Hale County, Hubbertville High in Fayette County, Berry Elementary and Berry High, and North Sumter Middle School Value of gift...

Project 576

Amber and John Close provided a four (4) year scholarship to the University of Alabama for the valedictorian of Warrior Academy.

Project 563

Bew White of Summer Classics furniture gave 15 sets of tables and chairs to people in Greene, Pickens, and Lamar counties. Some of these beautiful sets were sold in the various counties. In Greene County the money was used to pay utility bills at the dual race private school we support. In Pickens County the funds helped pay for the Opera to come to town. In Lamar County the funds paid for aLED sign that is now the pride of...

Project 506

Obtained and delivered 45 desks to Warrior Academy. They were given to us by Vestavia High School.

Project 490

EBSCO Industries was very helpful in obtaining a gift of magazines to the following schools: Hale County Akron Elementary Akron High School Greensboro East Elementary Greensboro West Elementary Sunshine High School k-12 Fayette County Fayette Elementary k-6 Marengo County Marengo High Sweet Water High k-12 John Essex High k-12 A.L. Johnson k-12 Sumter County North Sumter Middle School k-8 Greene County Eutaw Elem....