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Project 628

One thing that occasionally occurs is that I get asked to be a judge in a contest. In April I got to be a judge in a science fair for fourth and sixth graders. The winners were very creative and it was alot of fun conversing with the young scientists.

Project 622

Gary and Lisa Mau have committed to finding 2500 books for Berry High School’s library over the next eight months. What we pay for their work is next to nothing. Thank you for the hard work and the difference you are making to the readers of these books. Berry, Ala.

Project 625

Unfortunately Carraway Hospital failed and had to liquidate their assets. Fortunately for us we were able to receive six truckloads of furniture. Two truckloads went to Livingston High. One truck load was given to the Pickens County Seniors Center and Gordo High School. One more truckload was sent to Berry Elementary and Berry High School. Two other truckloads went to the Lovelady Center in B’ham. The value of the...

Project 619

For Berry Elementary, Debbie Deavours, and Berry High School, Mary Raines, we joined EBSCO Industries and Lindsey Office Furniture donations to give: 4 walnut top desks 4 two drawer files 1 five drawer file 8 crushed velvet chairs 1 leather desk chair 11 task chairs 2 green high back chairs 2 green captain chairs 2 green mid back chairs 2 blue leather chairs 2 mid back guest chairs 2 blue guest chairs 1 high back desk...

Project 618

In February we delivered cleaning supplies to special needs children in schools in Fayette County. There is a greater need for cleanliness with many of these kids. We also delivered a specially made tricycle, built by a company started by Dave Upton, to a child at Fayette Elementary School. She used her hands to move the pedals which moved the wheels of the tricycle and that then strengthened her legs as they turned also. As...

Project 613

We also sent to Berry High School in Fayette County, the Harvard Classics a beautiful collection of the great works of the Western World. This library also has tables from Summer Classics and new bookcases are being built to match the dark wooden color of the tables. The librarian, Mary Raines, has really made an effort to beautify her library, which is very rewarding.