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Project 629

There is no doubt that taking 70 young people and adults to the Broadway Play “Wicked” was the top event for the month of April. 40 kids and adults from Pickens County, Marion County, and Fayette County that participated in the drama High School Musical in January were treated to a trip to Birmingham. The play was held in Gordo in Pickens County and it seemed fitting that they should be selected to go see...

Project 630

We had heard from several schools of a need for overhead projectors. In March we obtained through Charles Thompson and Greystone Elementary’s principal Dr. Black 28 projectors. We then delivered them to Gordo Elementary (6), Berry High (6), Reform Elementary (4), Aliceville High (6), and Walker Elementary (6). We also donated four TVs to Reform Elementary School.

Project 624

Ken Pritchett, a good friend of mine, took a day of his time and went to Warrior Academy in Greene County. He restored 17 computers to working order for the small school. Now they have 22 computers. This is a private school open to both races. It continues to be a success story in an area where you would think racial hatred wouldn’t allow for this level of unity.

Project 622

Gary and Lisa Mau have committed to finding 2500 books for Berry High School’s library over the next eight months. What we pay for their work is next to nothing. Thank you for the hard work and the difference you are making to the readers of these books. Berry, Ala.

Project 623

We ordered and delivered another sign to Livingston High School. The principal had seen other schools in the area and wanted one very badly for his school.