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Project 629

There is no doubt that taking 70 young people and adults to the Broadway Play “Wicked” was the top event for the month of April. 40 kids and adults from Pickens County, Marion County, and Fayette County that participated in the drama High School Musical in January were treated to a trip to Birmingham. The play was held in Gordo in Pickens County and it seemed fitting that they should be selected to go see “Wicked.” 15 people in Lamar County (most of whom were on the High School drama team) and 15 helpers from Birmingham were also in attendance. Having seen the faces of the kids and their amazement of the performance made this project one of the best of the year. Thanks to Gary and Landa Trentham, Bonnie Vance, and Gary Cooney for treating everyone to the tickets. Thanks also to Jennifer and Mark Nichols for their generosity in donating Chic-fil-a sandwiches and drinks for all 70 of us. There were two fun extras that we experienced that day. First, we met at Botanical Gardens and viewed the gardens. That had to be quite a sight for the kids. And even more fun, we borrowed a limousine from Larry Mote and drove the High School girls around Mt. Brook. Thank you Larry Mote!!