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Winter 2009

Project of the Month:

Reliable Signs of Pelham and Friends of Hale County combined to furnish new school signs for three schools: Sumter County, York Elementary, and John Essex High School. The signs are 5 x 8 and rest on a 20 foot pole, ten feet above the ground. This gift is one of the best given in terms of improving school morale. One child wrote a thank you note that said, “We will be proud of our sign and feel good.” This is what it is all about. Marengo and Sumter County February 2009

Pickens County:

Bulletin Bars were sent to the Aliceville High School as a Merry Christmas from Classroom Direct. Minnie Washington, the principal has 29 teachers who can use these. We sent about 18 to each teacher, which amounted to 15 cases. When I visited that school it was obvious that this was a need in that they were taping the students’ work to the wall. When the work was removed so did the paint. We also set 85 stacking chairs, 2 sofas, and some chairs. December 2008

In November we sent to Gordo High School the Harvard Classics. The librarian wrote this back to us “the atmosphere in our library is really turning around (for the better). My goal is to send you pictures very soon of the kids enjoying the furniture. I have students that come in during the early morning for some quiet time to read, and they especially enjoy the comfortable furniture.” January 2009

Pickens County Seniors Center was given 4 tables, 9 chairs with rollers, 4 still chairs, and some storage shelving. February 2009

Fayette County:

We also sent to Berry High School in Fayette County, the Harvard Classics a beautiful collection of the great works of the Western World. This library also has tables from Summer Classics and new bookcases are being built to match the dark wooden color of the tables. The librarian, Mary Raines, has really made an effort to beautify her library, which is very rewarding. January 2009

In February we delivered cleaning supplies to special needs children in schools in Fayette County. There is a greater need for cleanliness with many of these kids. We also delivered a specially made tricycle, built by a company started by Dave Upton, to a child at Fayette Elementary School. She used her hands to move the pedals which moved the wheels of the tricycle and that then strengthened her legs as they turned also. As you can imagine the smile on that little girl riding around the classroom was huge!! February 2009

For Berry Elementary, Debbie Deavours, and Berry High School, Mary Raines, we joined EBSCO Industries and Lindsey Office Furniture donations to give:

  • 4 walnut top desks
  • 4 two drawer files
  • 1 five drawer file
  • 8 crushed velvet chairs
  • 1 leather desk chair
  • 11 task chairs
  • 2 green high back chairs
  • 2 green captain chairs
  • 2 green mid back chairs
  • 2 blue leather chairs
  • 2 mid back guest chairs
  • 2 blue guest chairs
  • 1 high back desk chair
  • 1 20 x 60 formal table
  • 1 magazine holder rack
  • 2 blue button guest chairs
  • 2 coffee pots
  • 1 bookcase
  • 2 marker boards
  • 4 side arm chairs
  • 3 other chairs

They also received a Whirlpool washer and dryer set to contribute to a needy family in the area. February 2009

Washington County:

We sent to Darlene Reed, the media specialist, 19 ESV Study Bibles (English Standard Version) for her Sunday School class. She teaches in McIntosh Elementary in Washington County. January 2009

Lamar County:

We gave to Jenny Spence, the librarian of Sulligent Elementary, a donation of $500.”This is a humongous help in purchasing our new server. This will update Sulligent Elementary’s library so much. The circulation system will be 0n-line for the students and teachers to use more easily. Thank you so much.” January 2009

Summer Classics tables were distributed to South Lamar School, Lamar County Middle School, the historical Society of Lamar County, and Nemo Methodist Church. January 2009

Tuscaloosa County:

For Walker Elementary School we bought and gave them the following:

  • 4 wooden desks
  • 1 bulletin board
  • 1 dry erase board
  • 2 sleeper sofas
  • 10+ chairs with rollers
  • 2-drawer files
  • 1 conference table
  • 6-8 conference table chairs
  • 3 high back chairs (one for the principal)
  • round tables
  • 100 stacking chairs with cushion backs and seats
  • 25 bookcases
  • 6 purple chairs (sounds bad, but looked nice)

They also received a new Whirlpool washer to give to a single Mom in the area who was washing her family’s clothes in a tub. February 2009

Comments by Vanessa Clay of Walker Elementary:

“Everything (the furniture mentioned above) looks wonderful. I am so excited. Mrs. Johnson absolutely loves her chair but is afraid to sit in it she says she has never had anything so fancy. The assistant is jealous, she wants one:) Your sisters’ friend Martha Jamison wanted to help needy families in our area. It just so happened that a single mother who is raising two children had her power cut off last Friday. She owes $1,170 on her past bill this includes the $470 reconnection fee. I tried to sweet talk the power company into just letting us pay the $470 to reconnect the power and they would not hear of it. Anyway, Ms. Martha is going to give $250 towards the bill. Praise the Lord. I am going to talk to Thomas about the church making a donation and Mrs. Johnson the principal is going to get her church to give.” – Vanessa Clay