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Project 581

June & July 2008. In Hale County Anne Bailey then gave the office chairs to four schools and the Hale Co. Library. She started a food pantry that has given out food to 250 families so far. She has shared kitchen items and appliances, sheets, towels, mattresses, bed frame, washer, money to connect to Alagasco, and clothes for Senior Day to Angela Washington. Angela also received a washing machine with a donation from Edgar Marx, a Birmingham man who grew up in Hale County. She has assisted in getting a 200amp power box for a elderly Moundville couple. Later a bed, sheets, towels, sofa, and chairs were given to a woman desperately wanting to set up a home for her grandchild. Anne and friends have given out $50 checks to 4 people to help with high power bills in June. They have donated clothing to several families so that the children would have something to wear to school.